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High Speed Soft Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine (TW-R2 S)

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  • Size1090 * 2080 * 2100 mm
  • Weight1900 kg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T


  • South Korea South Korea
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High Speed Soft Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine

 Model No. TW-R2-S 




TW-R2 S is a high speed soft gelatin capsule machine supporting 6~10rpm, which developed for the first time in the world and it is the equipment supplying the best solution among the soft gelatin capsule filling machines producing soft capsule.


Performance and safety of TW-R2 S was verified by Korea Evaluation of Industrial Technology (KEIT) and received CE certificate in 2009. Also we have 2 patents and 3 utility models related to this product.


Key advantages,


First, It is the equipment suitable for the standard of sanitation and safety of food and medicine As the contents and outputs which are being used for producing soft capsule are for food and medicine. Therefore all processes must meet the requirements that they should not be harmful to human body. So we are using verified materials such as SUS 316, Al, Teflon coating and silicon which are not harmful to human body and do not show chemical response in all main parts like medicine filling pump, injection valves, wedge, spreader boxes, medicine hopper, medicine hoses and also we are helping users to keep the machine clean by easy assembling and disassembling process


Second, it has excellent durability. Our equipment has no minor problem and even in a long operation, it keeps precision and operates normally.


Third, we raised the efficiency of maintenance through use of standard part and standard AS. During use of the machine, as exchanging expendable supplies or applying AS, quick response is possible because standard part is ready. We enlarged the period of expendables use and reduced replacement cost in order to reduce maintenance cost. These became an important element in reducing production cost and raising productivity.


Fourth, it is convenience of operation. As it was designed and manufactured from the customer view point, even beginner can operate it easily after getting a simple training and most parts were designed and manufactured in a simple structure such as one touch system. More than anything else, for increasing user’s convenience, a touch screen panel system (12 inches) is attached to manage and save all production data so you can open and use the past production history information anytime. Also it is designed to solve local problem through internet in remote area by applying Hub system.



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Soft Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine _TW_R2_S_

Soft Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine _TW_R2_S_

Soft Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine _TW_R2_S_

Softgel Encapsulation Machine _TW_R2_S_

Soft Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine _TW_R2_S_